Soulmate: Another Love Story

Soulmate: Another Love Story


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Soulmate: Another Love Story

This is my 14th CD, my first studio album in 6 years. The last one being “A New Beginning” (Boobeescoot Music, 2010). I decided to record this CD to honor my debut CD “Love Stories” (Columbia Records, 2000), a great body of work produced by Grammy winning saxophonist Branford Marsalis and me. Though the people who ran Columbia Records 16 years ago never serviced “Love Stories” at the time of it’s release to the record industry for mainstream exposure, it became an absolute favorite among my cult following, including Prince. It is my hope that “Soulmate: Another Love Story” becomes another favorite among my fans and supporters, old and new, and supersedes the success (or lack thereof) of “Love Stories”.

“Soulmate: Another Love Story” features the following guest artists:

Maysa (Soul Vocalist/Incognito/Stevie Wonder)
“Labeled As Love”

Najee (2 Time Grammy Nominee and award winning Saxophonist/Flautist)
“Mustard Seed Pts. 2 & 3”, “There Are No Words” and “Feelin’ Some Kinda Way”

Avery*Sunshine (Soul Vocalist)
“Feelin’ Some Kinda Way”

Marqueal Jordan (Saxophonist/Brian Culbertson)
“Labeled As Love”

David P. Stevens (Soul/Fusion/Smooth Jazz Guitarist)
“You Will Know When Love Is Real”

Chelsey Green (Violinist/The Green Project/Stevie Wonder)
“Sunny Saturday”

Deborah Bond (Soul Vocalist/Recently with Incognito)
“There Are No Words”

Teus Noble (Dutch Jazz Trumpeter)
“There Are No Words”

Any live drums, bass and percussion you hear on this CD were recorded by the official members of the Frank McComb Quartet. They are Amsterdam based musicians: drummer Yoran Vroom, percussionist Yariv Vroom(Yoran’s younger brother) and bassist Glenn Gaddum, Jr. Most people say that we’re like an unstoppable machine when in performance. Glenn was also responsible for recording and mixing a few songs on this CD as well. I also added the tasteful guitar work of David P. Stevens to my quartet and together you’ll find them as the rhythm section on every song with the exception of “This Love Of Ours”, “Feelin’ Some Kind Of Way”, “Labeled As Love”, and “Sunny Saturday”, which were all programmed and recorded solely by yours truly, adding David’s guitar work to those songs as well. I hope this body of work fills your spirit, feeds your MUSICAL hunger and is so soothing to your ears that it remains on repeat every time you decide to play it … it’s one song or the CD in its entirety.

Here’s what had to say about the current single “Feelin’ Some Kinda Way (Feat. Najee & Avery*Sunshine)!


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